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WCIS provides fast, reliable, inexpensive internet and monitoring solutions for cable DOCSIS networks. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in DOCSIS and Voice for cable companies. We have worked directly with the CMTS and Cable Modem/MTA manufactures, so we know the best configurations for feature sets for the best prices .

Our Engineering team has participated in the DOCSIS development and Industry Specifications, which makes us the best option to help your company successfully achieve your goals to add internet and telephony to your system and increase profitability!

USA Cable Companies
Over 70% of the USA Cable TV Companies' Profits, come from High Speed Internet

Control your own profits and control your own destiny.

Why choose us? We have the knowledge and experience working with the latest DOCSIS Technologies (DOCSIS 3.1, OCAP, CCAP, IPTV and Telephony to name a few). There is no other company offering the same services in the world. Yes, there are companies that will help you buy the equipment, but can not offer services as Planning, Installation, Maintenance, Configuration, Training for all Technical & Support Teams, 24/7 On-call Trouble assistance, Creating Cable Modem configuration files to control your network, SNMP Management for immediate problem reporting and BAC/CNR for back office provisioning of Cable Modems and MTAs.

DOCSIS 3.1: Total Bandwidth Speeds as high as 1.9Gbs downstream.
OCAP: Open Cable Applications Platform specification for higher security to prevent Cable TV theft, and enhanced Settop box features
CCAP: Converged Cable Access Platform, a super dense platform that will combine the edge QAM and cable modem termination systems functions and be capable of delivering all of cable’s services.
Think about all of your Video QAMs and CMTS functionality being handled by (1) 1/2 rack size piece of equipment. with a highly Redundant system, never lose video because a QAM malfunctions.

We have worked with all these systems. CCAP devices are so new that only a hand full of engineers have even seen them.

The benefit of an experienced team of engineers working for you, we give all the options to meet your network and budget needs.

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